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The #31for31 Challenge

The 31 for 31 Challenge

Consistency is the biggest separator between successful people and everyone else.

Most of us make the mistake of believing it’s talent, but talent can be overcome by a stronger, longer effort.

Consistent is also one of the hardest things to be. It’s easy to show up once a month or once a week as your best self. It’s much harder to do it every day – especially when you feel like you’ve been putting in the work for a long time.

So how can we create more consistency?

By creating a game and embracing accountability.

This week I want to challenge you to take on this challenge to start the new year.

Too often to start a new year, we take on too much. We try to change everything all at once, and sure enough, within 3 weeks, we’ve quit on the resolution/new goal.

So this year, I want you to start small. Don’t worry about the next 12 months, just give me the next 31 days.

Make a 31-day commitment to yourself.

Pick an activity:

  • Reading a personal development, business, or mindset book
  • Watching YouTube videos each day learning a new skill around something you’re passionate about
  • Taking an online course
  • Run / Row / Ski
  • Listen to a new podcast episode

Pick one small thing that you can commit to for 31 minutes to each day and will help you develop the mental or physical skills you want. 

31-minute commitment for 31 days. Doable, right?

Remember, who we want to become tomorrow will be the result of the small things we do consistently today.

Take for instance, NBA player Steph Curry. Curry shoots 2,000 shots every week, with a minimum of 250 every day. It’s no wonder he’s one of the greatest shooters in basketball history. He takes more great shots in a week than many aspiring high school players take in a month or more!

The best way to get better is to work our craft consistently in small bites every day. You ready to get to work?

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