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Always Moving Forward

March 6, 2017 No Comments

Always Moving Forward

March 6, 2017 No Comments
CED Running Man

I’ve always loved this silhouette of a running man. My friend Ty designed a version of it as a logo for my very first marketing agency & I’ve kept an iteration of it since.

To me, it embodies a person (Note: not man or woman, but a person) pressing onward.

You don’t know how fast they’re going. They could be sprinting. They could be jogging.

Hell, they may have just jumped up from being knocked down. It could be fast or slow – but you know they’re moving forward.

And it’s exactly how I want to live. Some days I’ll move faster than others. Some days will be harder than others. But every day I want to do my best to take even the smallest step forward toward the goals & people I hold most dear.

I know you do too. That’s why you’re here. Compete. Every. Day.

Jake Thompson

Jake Thompson is a professional speaker and coach who helps ambitious leaders win their work, workouts, and life. As founder of Compete Every Day, he has spent years studying great competitors, and with this research, has created a process that can help leaders harness a Competitor's mindset to make better choices and in turn, make bigger impacts in their careers and personal life.

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