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WHY this Addiction is the best thing

Be Addicted to Bettering Yourself

If you’re going to be hooked on something, make sure it’s benefitting your future.

Our newest release, Be Addicted to Bettering Yourself, was inspired by my own addictive personality and how I forced myself to channel toward something positive – my own personal development. Today’s world is (knowingly or not) full of addicts.

We’re addicted to social media, to attention, to sugar, to working out 24/7, to unhealthy substances. Thanks to modern technology, it has become easier and easier to get whatever we want, whenever we want, as quickly as we want.

Not always to our best of interests either.

The idea of being addicted to your own growth is about constantly craving the feeling of self-improvement. It’s about embracing the joy of learning something new and the power felt in shattering a perceived “limit.”

Being addicted to your growth is about focusing on today, being present in the current time, to make a one percent improvement on the day before. It’s not about instantaneously changing your entire life overnight, but it is about doing the work to make a massive change over time.

Use this new shirt theme to motivate you in 2020 to daily quench the hunger for growth and day by day, build yourself into your best self.

Compete Every Day.

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