As a lifelong athlete, Cassie Weaver learned from an early age the importance of mental toughness. Even before she had words to describe it, she was working to build it. When she transitioned from the solo sport of gymnastics to collegiate volleyball, she found herself facing a number of mental challenges. She had to learn how to lean on teammates for support and help, how to take some of the pressure off herself, and how to play in a room full of the best players — and keep her confidence.

This week, Weaver shares tips for developing resiliency and staying on top of your game through whatever transitions you face in sports, business, and life. She now works for Mentally Strong Consulting and says it’s becoming more common for top athletes to seek help and guidance from mental performance coaches and sports psychologists. For years, there’s been a stigma attached to the mental side, but it’s long past time for that to be gone. Learning to be strong — physically, emotionally, and mentally — can give you the edge you need to reach your fullest potential.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Challenge yourself to be mentally tough
  • Identify what’s between you and your best performance
  • Connection is just as important as knowledge
  • Follow current research and science to stay on top of your game
  • Maintain a positive attitude, even through stress


“When I think about mentally tough athletes — or being mentally strong — I think about athletes that can compete at their best really no matter what the circumstance is.” -Cassie Weaver

“I think that’s really what it’s about is really challenging yourself to be mentally tough every single time you step out into the arena.” -Cassie Weaver

“When your talent level is the same as another team, what is it that really separates you? What’s that gap?” -Cassie Weaver

“If you’re someone who invests in working with a psychologist or a mental performance coach or a therapist, there should be no stigma around you wanting to get better and get over issues.” -Jake Thompson

“It’s ending 2019. How great would it be in 2020 if you just forced yourself and said once a week I’m going to pick up the phone or I’m going to FaceTime somebody I haven’t seen in a year just to catch up and let them know I’m thinking about them? It’s such a big deal to develop those better relationships, and we know life is about community and connection.” -Jake Thompson


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On this week’s episode, Jake Thompson and Cassie Weaver mentioned The Way of the Seal: Think Like an Elite Warrior to Succeed and Lead by Mark Divine and Simon Sinek’s “Performance vs. Trust” video.