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Put Up Your Own Weights

Nothing irritates me more than seeing weights left on a barbell after someone finishes lifting. Or left on the ground next to a squat rack....

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Why Everyone Should Do a Fitness Challenge

10,000 done.⁣ I just finished a monster 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge from my friend Laura Gassner Otting. I was slightly nervous...

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Stop Complaining About Your Situation

Hey Competitor, I know you’re upset about how life has thrown you curveballs lately and it just seems like nothing is going your way. I...

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Why You Should Never Miss a Monday

It doesn’t matter if you go at 5am or 5pm – it just matters that you get that workout in every Monday. Mondays are the...

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Why You Have to Be the One Who Sets the Example

“Oh __________!” I heard my friend’s toddler drop the same curse word I’d just casually mentioned a few minutes...

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Build Your GritFeaturedRaising Competitors

A Lesson on Building Grit

If we want to develop grittier kids, then we have to learn to let them struggle. We want to see our children excel in all areas of life. A...

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