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Episode 68: Kip Watson, Burn the Participation Trophies Now, or They Will Burn You Later

Giving up is easy if you lack the confidence to persevere. This week, we hear from sports psychologist and multi-sport athlete Kip Watson, who also holds a seminary degree, about the need to face adversity and overcome it. Watson spent years as a competitive gymnast and entrepreneur before throwing herself into tackle football in her 40s. She shares tips about how to develop a growth mindset in order to constantly improve.

Episode 67: Dr. Stu Singer, WNBA Peak Performance Coach

Opportunities can come unexpectedly and it’s up to each and every person to ensure they’re ready when the time comes. This week, we hear from sports psychologist Dr. Stuart Singer, who shares tips on how to get prepared and stay prepared for the big break. Singer considers himself a lifelong learner and he uses that passion for knowledge to open doors and bolster his connections.

Episode 65: Johnny Quinn, Think Like an Olympian

Life is never a straight path. It’s full of twists and turns, and challenges and opportunities that arise when we least expect them. This week we hear from Johnny Quinn, who transitioned to Olympic bobsledding after an injury and the loss of a pro football contract. Quinn has faced adversity in his own life time and time again and says the way he’s made it through is by learning the importance of flexibility and having a backup plan.