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Coach Dar

Episode 71: Coach Dar, Raise The Bar

Everyone will face setbacks in their own life. That’s something Coach Dar knows well. This week, Darleen Santore shares her story of being an occupational therapist specializing in traumatic brain injury and strokes—who has also had several strokes herself. She shares advice on how to move past the unexpected challenges life throws at you and use what you learn from those hard times to propel you forward into a stronger tomorrow.

Cat Osterman

Episode 70: Cat Osterman, Being a Hall of Famer On & Off the Field

An Olympic silver medal is a win, but for a hardcore team competitor, it can feel like—and be—a loss if it meant missing out on gold by just a hair. Cat Osterman, who is a Hall of Fame pitcher and one of the top 5 softball players of all time, has seen the Olympics from both sides. She walked away from two Olympic games with both a silver and a gold medal to show. Now she’s a college level coach. This week, Osterman talks about coming down from the highest high and coming up from the lowest low.

Episode 69: Jordan Pugh, Overcoming Life's Interceptions

Having personal goals and understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing is the key to competition and fulfillment. This week, we hear from former NFL defensive back and current coach, trainer, and motivational speaker Jordan Pugh. He shares tips on how to adjust when things change unexpectedly, how to define your purpose, and how to keep the passion for what you do.