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Champions Stay Ready

Stay Ready

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. So what are you doing today to make sure your game is ready when your opportunity arrives?

ou don’t have to get ready if you stay ready, but what does that look like for us? How do we build that mentality?

We have to dedicate time on a daily/weekly basis to improving our skill. Take for example, my work as a speaker.

I can get a call today to speak at an event tomorrow or next week. If I am always waiting until an event to prepare, I’ll cheat my audience out of a great experience.

I have to be consistent & constant in my preparation, working my content, mastering my profession, & continually improving my stories. Otherwise, I won’t be at my best and it’ll be a disservice to those I’m trying to serve.

When COVID-19 hit (and threw a ton of us into disarray), a ton of people just stopped preparing for their opportunity because they didn’t know when the next one would arrive. People stopped working because they didn’t see an immediate opportunity.

That’s like waiting to plant seeds & plow the field until the storm clouds have already rolled in. By that point, it’s too late.

So what does your week schedule look like?

Where are you creating space in your schedule to prepare for your opportunity? What are you doing on a daily or weekly basis to invest 30 minutes or longer throughout the course of a week to build your skills?

When you have an opportunity arrive, it’s too late to prepare for it. You may scramble to try and get ready, but it won’t be enough to be your best.

Adopt the mentality that every day when you wake up, tomorrow could be your day. So what will you do today to prepare for it?

Don’t waste the opportunity that today presents because you don’t see it just yet. Prepare for it now so when it arrives, you’re already ready to seize it.

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