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Shirt Release: Difference Maker

Be the Difference Maker

Being the difference maker doesn’t require much talent, but it does require much want-to.

We often believe that only the most talented people are the difference makers. We think that the best athletes make all the difference on gameday solely because of their natural ability. We think that the best speakers are motivational and popular because of their natural talent.

We believe a lot of things that aren’t exactly accurate.

That great athlete? Yea, she’s got unbelievable God-given ability but that’s not what made her a difference-maker on gameday. It was the months she spent busting her butt in off-season training to develop that unbelievable corner kick.

That great speaker? Yea, he’s incredible on stage, but it’s not because he’s naturally good. He actually used to be a very average speaker, but he put in thousands of reps telling stories until he became great.

Their relentless effort & consistency made them the difference maker when the stakes were great.

How bad you want it usually is more important than how much talent do you naturally have in the big picture when it comes to most endeavors. How hard you work now will determine how prepared you are to shine – or not – when the pressure is turned up.

Everybody wants to think they’re the difference maker. They want to believe they can influence the outcome of the sales pitch, the game, or the moment. But most can’t, because they’ve never put in the work to prepare for that moment.

For those who will, we created this new shirt.

If you’re willing to pay the price now to make the difference later, we salute you.

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