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S3E37: Learn to Embrace the Discomfort Daily

May 29, 2019 No Comments

S3E37: Learn to Embrace the Discomfort Daily

May 29, 2019 No Comments

Jake shares in today’s episode the importance of leaning into discomfort and how it’s crucial to developing as a competitor in life.

Most of us understand the need to push ourselves in our workouts. We have no problem going into an uncomfortable position, lifting heavier or running harder – yet many people forget that growth outside of the gym works the same way.

Jake passionate challenges you to take on the mindset of a Competitor, leaning into growth opportunities daily and why if you want to reach your true potential, you need to step out of your comfort zone every day.

Jake Thompson

Jake Thompson is a professional speaker and coach who helps ambitious leaders win their work, workouts, and life. As founder of Compete Every Day, he has spent years studying great competitors, and with this research, has created a process that can help leaders harness a Competitor's mindset to make better choices and in turn, make bigger impacts in their careers and personal life.

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