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Think Fast. Compete Fast.

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The less you have to think about, the faster you can play.

Sports’ coaches understand that the more simplified they can teach their complex systems, the better their players can perform. If an athlete is actively thinking about every step they need to take, they’ll be caught flat-footed as their opponent goes by them.

On the other hand, if the athlete has a simple system they can quickly identify & act, they’ll move much faster, taking back any element of surprise their opponent may have had.

The more complicated your system, the slower you’ll be moving through it. And we can easily overcomplicate things.

So how fast is your decision-making system?

If it’s complicated, unclear, or disorganized, it can make making a decision a task that takes ten times as long as it should. This can easily happen when someone hasn’t taken the time to define:

  • Who am I? – what traits do I want to display and work toward building?
  • How do I want to define my character? Trust. Discipline. Honesty. Servant-minded. What is the standard and level you want to live up to?
  • What victory am I pursuing? What goal have I identified and am actively working toward?

Without clarity on these three things, it can make every decision a long process because you don’t have a baseline from which to make a decision. There’s little consistency in your decisions, making it easy to be caught like a ship at sea without navigation, simply going back & forth based on the which way the wind blows.

It’s hard to get anywhere of merit if you’ve never set course for a specific direction.

On the other hand, once these three things are identified, you can act much quicker.

You know who you are. Which makes it easy to identify who you are not or who you do not want to become.

You know your character. Which makes it quick & easy to align actions with that desired character – or avoid specific actions that would contradict.

You know your target. You understand where you are ultimately trying to go, allowing you the quick decision-making process to ask “does this specific choice move me closer or further away from my goal?” If it’s further, you don’t make it.

Think fast. Compete fast.

Spend time this week identifying your three – who, character, target. Sit in the mess trying to determine. Write it down. Stew on it. Start to sink it into who you are.

It won’t be an automatic switch. There’s a ramp up period – from the point of identifying who you want to be, what you want to be known as, and where you’re trying to go – to the point at which it becomes a more automatic process. It’s “in your bones” as they would say at this point.

You’ll know who you are, who you’re striving to become, what you do/don’t do, and where you’re trying to go – giving you the ability to play faster, choose faster & be faster in getting to your goals.

Think fast. Compete fast.

I’m cheering for you, go win your day.

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