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Four Tips to Be Better At Reaching Goals

I recently had a customer share they had the goal to lose weight and asked for help on the process so they could stick to the commitment. 

Here’s my response – and how you can apply it to any pursuit you’re wanting to achieve.

What’s your Why?

Identify the bigger reason behind being healthy (is it for family, specific things you want to achieve, etc) – spend some time being honest with yourself and find that “why” – it’ll be a key factor in your journey and reason to keep you going.

Make a Plan (Weekly AND Daily)

Create a plan that you can review every weekend and follow throughout the week. With regards to weight loss, meal prep and create your workout plan every Sunday that you can focus on throughout the week.

Don’t focus on the scale or numbers, focus only what you have to eat and how much you have to move each day.

It’s not about the number goal on the scale – it’s about the daily process. When we become more process-oriented than outcome-oriented, we can maintain motivation to keep going.

Invest in a Coach

(Seriously) Look at a coach and consider the short-term investment “worth it” to keep you accountable and with a plan. Every successful person I know has a coach for one (or more) areas of their life, why do we think we’re any different?

If 1-on-1 isn’t for you, our CED small group coaching program is kicking off next month if you want to find out more details here

Work the Plan. Focus on the Process.

Make a plan to win or you can go ahead and plan to fail. One of the biggest key to success is making a plan and then working it every day. When mistakes happen (because they naturally do), get back on the wagon. Never let one bad meal become two in a row, that’s a huge focus. Refuse to let a losing streak start. 

Invest in accountability (from a coach, friend, family member) who can check in on you and make sure you’re doing what you say you want to.

For Bonus Points, Read This:
Finally, a helpful book to check out is Atomic Habits by James Clear (here) – it’ll help you reframe big changes into small, tiny moves each day.

Compete every day,

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