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Get Your Reps in Order to Grab Greatness

Practicing a speech

Reps on reps on reps…⁣

This picture above is what rehearsal looks like for one of my keynotes. It’s not glamorous. And you can’t call yourself a professional if you “just wing it.”⁣

You have to practice over & over again like I aim to do in my office. Playing with wording & pauses. Speaking it again & again.⁣

I’ve told most of the stories in this talk at least 50 times. Many of them more than that. You’d think I could just hop on stage and let it fly.

I probably could – but it wouldn’t be my best work and that would be giving the audience less than my best, which isn’t the Competitor way.

So I practice (with my dog Sugar in the background) over and over again so that when an audience sees it live, it’s natural and seamless. ⁣

I want to encourage you to keep showing up this weekend.

Remember that you have to grind before your opportunity arrives to grab it when it does. No one “just arrives” at success.⁣

They earn it.⁣

Do the work this weekend and next week to plant seeds of growth, even if you have no idea when you will harvest them.⁣

I’m cheering for you.

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