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Hard Work Is More Reliable Than Luck

Hard Work is My Luck Sticker

Luck happens, but waiting on it is a fool’s game.

The most dangerous thing you can do is wait on luck. It’s a rare occurrence when luck falls in your lap. Passively waiting on luck to appear ruins any chance you have to actually succeed.

You can retire after winning the lottery. But planning your retirement around 1 in 305,000,000 odds is foolish. You’re better off creating a budget and aggressively saving for it. You might get lucky and win the lottery once after playing it every week, but chances are, you won’t.

You can do that… but I wouldn’t recommend it.

In fact, luck rarely falls into the lap of those waiting. Many times what others call “luck” is actually disguised as an opportunity that only those putting in work will see.

See, here’s the thing.

We overvalue the importance of luck and undervalue the power of a strong, consistent work ethic.

The harder you work, the more opportunities you create. The more opportunities you create, the more chances you have to seize “luck breaks” (or success). But you don’t seize them by waiting on them.

You seize them by working for them.

A Champion’s work ethic creates their luck. Your opportunities to succeed are inevitable when your work ethic is relentless.

The stronger and more consistent your work, the more “luck” others will say you have. It’s not that you get lucky breaks, it’s simply that your work creates opportunities that their lack of work doesn’t.

Others say it’s luck as an excuse to make themselves feel better. They failed to match your work ethic, create their own opportunities, and now look to blame someone for it (most likely you).

In reality, if you want to be luckier, work your ass off. Build your skills. Grow your network. Have a drive that others can’t match.

The more you grow, the more your opportunities to succeed grow. The more those opportunities come along, the more chances you’ll have to get “lucky.”

While others spend their March waiting on a lucky break to win, be someone whose work ethic creates your lucky break.

Four-leaf clovers & horseshoes won’t make the difference. Your hard work will.

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