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How to Become *Them*

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Who are you working to become in 2021?

Better yet, who is the person you want to become within the next five years?

I know I always had a picture of what I wanted to be doing, but who I wanted to become? That wasn’t something I made time to write down.

“Successful” was the word I thought I wanted to be during my twenties. I was more focused on a specific career path than the man I wanted to become. I think it’s a common trap many of us fall into.

We have big goals we want to achieve. We focus primarily on how we will reach them versus taking the time to identify the traits of the person who can reach that goal.

Notice the difference?

If our goal is to become a multi-million dollar entrepreneur, instead of asking what work will get us there, we need to first ask what traits does that person have? Disciplined. Great communicator. Hard working. Focused.


Now how do we become more of those traits?

If you’ve never done this before, take out a piece of paper and draw three columns:

  1. Column 1: What traits do you want to be used by others to describe you ten years from now? Make the full list.
  2. Column 2: What are things that your future self does to make them those specific traits? For example, if you wrote down that you want your future self to be described as “generous,” what do you do in the future to be called generous? Identify trait –> identify action that models trait
  3. Column 3: What are you doing today to build those traits in your life? If “generous,” do you donate your time or finances now to a nonprofit? Are you giving of your time or information to someone just starting out? Identify where you currently are or can be cultivating those traits.

We’re quick to set goals and create a daily plan to reach them. However, all of our plans will be derailed (by us) if we don’t invest the time into forging ourselves into the person capable of achieving them.

The one way to make sure you don’t stop you in the pursuit of your best life is to identify who you want to become and start putting into practice the traits *they* have.

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