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Episode 7: Julian Placino, Pathways to Success

January 10, 2017 No Comments

Episode 7: Julian Placino, Pathways to Success

January 10, 2017 No Comments
julian placino

What is Your Pathway to Success?

We’ve got the one and only Julian Placino on Better than Yesterday. As host of the Pathways to Success Podcast, Julian has had over 100 interviews with successful individuals to uncover the common thread of success.

What is success? What does success look like? We dive deep into these topics and how you can become successful yourself by learning from the things that successful people have done.

Julian’s Journey

  • 3:03 Being very entrepreneurial for the sole purpose of making a buck
  • 3:30 Starting an endeavor to NOT make money, but to help other people
  • 4:36 Working as a recruiter professionally and looking for a creative outlet
  • 9:17 Knowing nothing about podcasting and finding a successful podcaster to befriend

Julian Getting Motivated

  • 12:17 Writing a book about the lessons he’s learned in his life and from guests
  • 14:18 Finding a mentor by making it public and buying someone lunch
  • 16:00 Setting big dreams for his podcast and himself in 2017

Competitive Insights

  • 13:20 Everyone has some kind of unique ability they can do better than others.
  • 18:10 There’s purpose in the things that we do and when you combine that with what you love, you’ll be unstoppable.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“Creating consistent content develops a personal brand.”

“It’s so easy to play small.”

“Success comes down to being fulfilled.”


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