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Jake Thompson, motivational speaker

Increase Performance, Positive Results, & Instill a Culture of Excellence

Discover the Competitors Within Your Team

Jake equips his audiences and clients with the tools to be a Competitor every day in life – resilient, accountable, and actively showing up as their best self in their professional and personal lives.

His programs focus on instilling the 8 characteristics of a Competitor to build grit, accountability, & leadership skills necessary to increase productivityinvigorate company culture, and empower leaders to reach your goals.

Jake can help YOU:

  • Increase grit
  • Adopt a culture of accountability
  • Focus on the MOST important tasks
  • Take action without needing motivation
  • Boost performance and attitude.

For details on how Jake Thompson can motivate your team, contact us here.

Jake works with every client to tailor a talk specifically to your event and organization’s needs. Below are a list of Jake’s current keynotes and most requested talks.


7 Steps to Winning at Work and Life.

Perfect for teams of all sizes.

Learn what successful competitors do on and off the field of life to create more than just a winning career – but a winning life.

In this keynote, Jake will teach your audience how to adopt The Competitor Mindset each morning to make better choices, and in turn, make bigger impacts in your organization, their careers, and their personal lives. Audiences will leave this talk motivated to become leaders who embrace grit, accountability, and use setbacks to set up their next win.

Key Lessons:
  • The Importance of Me vs. Me. The best don’t waste their most important asset (time) comparing themselves to others. They learn to compete against their best from yesterday to win today, every day.
  • How to Successfully Navigate Hardship. Everyone stumbles, but with The Competitor Mindset you can turn that trip into a roll forward and a losing race into your own winning one.
  • Build a Culture of Accountability. Success requires accountability – from your teammates and yourself. Learn why it’s important and how your team can implement it to build a Championship culture at your company.
  • Make Progress Without Motivation. Our choices create a domino effect that helps us create our own winning streak. Learn how to trick your brain into taking action steps forward every day – whether you feel motivated or not.

To book Jake for your organization or next event, contact us here or at 972.532.2747.


Gain the Competitive Edge to Win in Sales.

Perfect for sales teams in real estate, franchisees, staffing, and network marketing.

It takes a lot to stand out in today’s ultra-competitive landscape. Fancy business cards and flashy accessories don’t make you stand out and won’t give you the edge to close the deal.

Jake teaches teams how to make the sale with The Competitor Mindset. Learn how to harness your own competitive fire to help you exceed your goals, grow your sales, and create a daily process that yields results. Your team will leave this talk driven to excel and continually moving forward with enthusiasm, even after hearing the word “no.”

Sales isn’t a line of work for just anyone – and it’s why Competitors find a way to thrive.

Key Lessons:
  • Mindset is Everything. Learn how to think and act like a Competitor by building your grit with a focus on two key areas.
  • There’s Magic in the Process. Discover the secret power of the Competitor Scorecard and how it transforms your team into using a daily process that creates the scoreboard results your company needs.
  • Quit Looking In the Mirror. It doesn’t matter if your website is pretty or your product is shiny and new – no one cares about us. They care about themselves. Learn how to follow the blueprint the best in sales built because the sale isn’t about us – it’s about the customer.
  • Remove Motivation From the Equation. Instead of being stuck in neutral waiting for motivation like your competitors, discover how you take action without it. You’ll create a winning mindset and lap your industry rivals by training yourself to make moves and not excuses.

To book Jake for your organization or next event, contact us here or at 972.532.2747.


Cut the cord on what’s holding you back from the success you crave.

Perfect for management teams, leaders who feel “stuck,” and sales teams looking to increase their performance.

Be motivated to make moves with this keynote from Jake Thompson, an entrepreneur and professional speaker who teaches individuals to build a life – and legacy – of meaning by learning how to compete every day.

Your audience will be inspired to raise the bar on their previous best and be equipped with a daily process that helps them actually do so. Jake shares stories from his entrepreneurial sales journey that started with two boxes of t-shirts sold from the trunk of his car. Learn how he was able to kill his excuses, bury them deep, and elevate his performance, success, and life by competing every day.

Key Lessons:
  • How to Build Unbreakable Grit. Keep your inner fire constantly fueled by building unstoppable grit by learning how to focus on your WHY and playing “tag” every day.
  • What Matters More Than Setbacks. Everyone experiences a setback pursuing their goals. Most people quit. Learn how the successful keep getting back up and moving forward until they win – and how you can too.
  • How to Get Rid of That Big “But”. Your “but” may be the biggest thing holding you back. Discover how you can leave that “but” behind so you can power forward to your professional and personal goals.
  • Beat Yesterday. The strongest competition we have is with ourselves. Learn how to successfully compete against yourself instead of being distracted and drained trying to compete against everyone else.

To book Jake for your organization or next event, contact us here or at 972.532.2747.


Stay Locked In to What Matters Most

Perfect for sales teams, management teams, & customer-service teams.

Workshop attendees will learn how successful people stay focused on the important tasks that move their business and life forward instead of being distracted by the immediate.

Your team will be challenged to sharpen their aim on a powerful WHY and pair it with their own Competitor’s Scorecard, a secret weapon that winners use daily.

Learn how to create a daily plan of attack that removes the need for motivation and provides a blueprint process to yield the positive change desired. Instead of being distracted by the “busy,” learn how to stay focused on the best.

Key Lessons:
  • The Importance of Focus. Avoid the unnecessary sidetracks and stay on course to achieve your goals faster with a laser-like aim.
  • How to Eat Your Elephant-Sized Goal. When you define the steps that will get you to your goals, what may seem impossible at first suddenly becomes doable.
  • Accountability. Success requires accountability – from your teammates and yourself. Learn why it’s important and how your team can implement it to build a Championship culture at your company.
  • Mission > Motivation. Learn how you can make progress every day – regardless of how you feel.

To book Jake for your organization or next event, contact us here or at 972.532.2747.


What Made You Successful on the Field Will Make You a Winner Off Of It

Perfect for High School, College, & Professional Sports Teams.

The transition from playing sports to life after is not an easy one for most athletes. Many struggle with an identity crisis and loss of routine, structure, and teammates that it can take many years for them to rebound.

In this talk, Jake shares his own struggles with alcohol, depression, and internalized pain after his sports career ended – and how he was eventually able to pull himself out by applying the skills he learned in sports to life outside of it.

Your team will be fired up to keep competing every day in their life off of the field and equipped with the mindset to win it.

Key Lessons:
  • You Are More than Your Position. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our identity as an athlete. But then we quickly become lost when our playing career ends. Learn how a Competitor is bigger than what they played and how discovering your true self is the first step to pursuing greatness in life beyond the field.
  • Embrace Your Off-Season. Off-season training is all about focusing on the glory of gameday long before it ever arrives. This same mindset is required to endure internships and bad first-jobs while investing the time into our skill-development.
  • Competition Doesn’t End with Your Playing Days. Every day is a competition – but instead of finding your opponent on the court, you’ll see him/her in the mirror. Learn how you can beat yesterday and win today, every day.
  • Choose Your Teammates Wisely. We don’t get to choose our teammates on the field, but it’s important we learn to in life. We are the average of the five closest teammates we keep in life – discover what you need to know to build a lineup that helps you win life.

To book Jake for your organization or next event, contact us here or at 972.532.2747.

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