Giving up is easy if you lack the confidence to persevere. This week, we hear from sports psychologist and multi-sport athlete Kip Watson, who also holds a seminary degree, about the need to face adversity and overcome it. Watson spent years as a competitive gymnast and entrepreneur before throwing herself into tackle football in her 40s. She shares tips about how to develop a growth mindset in order to constantly improve.

Without confidence, doubt can take root, which throws off a person’s expectations and can lead to feelings of disappointment and anxiety. Often, building confidence means redefining the word and changing the narrative to view success not based on the outcome, but on the hard work put in along the way. Gaining tenacity, grit, and resilience can not only make us better competitors, but can make us feel more satisfied both in sports and in everyday life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Focus on what you can control: Effort, learning and improving, bouncing back from mistakes
  • Challenge your ability to figure things out
  • Build confidence through overcoming adversity
  • Change your belief system to encourage resilience


“If I’m lacking confidence (there’s) a doubt, I don’t believe in myself, expectations are off, and then that usually leads to anxiety, which is a form of fear.” -Kip Watson

“A lot of people mistakenly tie their confidence to the outcome.” -Kip Watson

(Confidence) is not a feeling. It’s a belief that’s based on your expectations.” -Kip Watson

“That neuroplasticity of the brain means we always, regardless of our age, have the ability to improve and change.” -Kip Watson

“If we’re not used to taking on adversity and enduring that process, strengthening ourselves going through it, then the rest of our lives it’s going to be the easy decision to quit when things get hard.” -Jake Thompson

Contact: Learn more about Kip Watson and her work through her business website, You can also follow her on social media @kipfit.