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Leave No Doubt

Leave no doubt

You don’t talk a big game as a leader – you live it.

The inspiration behind our new release, Leave No Doubt, is an important one in today’s world. It’s easy for us to get caught up in what we see online and on social media, and immediately buy into the idea that what we scroll by is actually true. But it’s not.

Any one of us can rent a nice sports car and take pictures in front of it, bragging that it’s our own in an attempt to sell you on the next online course. Any one of us can take a picture in front of a green screen and photoshop extravagent backdrops, bragging about the places we “travel” to. Any one of us can paint a picture online of who we wish we were – and not necessarily who we actually are.

.What you see on social media is not always reality. Not everything you scroll past is even legit.

But you can’t fake your life forever. Sooner or later, your actions will speak so loudly that what you say – and what you post – is drowned out by what you actually do.

Or in many cases, don’t do.

If someone were to watch you – how you behave, how you work, and how you lead. Would they question what type of person you were? Would they wonder if what you said is actually what you believed?

Would they have doubts about you?

Leave No Doubt was created to remind Competitors to live in a way that there was no question in others’ minds as they watched you. There were no doubts what type of leader you were, how much you worked to impact others, and how big you lived.

Let your life paint the story for you in a way that your words can never do justice.

Ignore what others post online. Refuse to get caught up in what social media pretends to be. Anyone can talk a big game from behind a keyboard or screen. Competitors are willing to walk that big game.

What actually defines your legacy.

I believe we all think about our legacies to a degree. We wonder what others will say about us after we’re gone. We wonder who will be there at the end, and what they’ll remember us by.

And part of us may even fear that we won’t be remembered at all.

Here’s the thing. We may think right now that others will remember how much money we had, how great we were at sports, or what great things we said. But in reality, legacy is only defined by two things:

  1. How we helped others and made them feel
  2. What actions we took with our life.

Good or bad – those two things define our legacies.

This idea should challenge you to stop worrying about what you say as much as how you live. It should encourage you to stop worrying about having the right words to post online and instead focus on the right choices to make each day.

Live in a way that your actions leave no doubt what your legacy will be after you’re gone. Live so that your legacy is clear in how:

  • You interacted with others, even when you had nothing to gain
  • You worked hard for those you cared for
  • You lead from your heart.

Leave No Doubt is a rally cry for Competitors to let their hustle be louder than their mouth. It’s the reminder to remember your legacy every day and leave those you interact with better than when you first met. It’s your motivation to seize every day, intentionally aligning your actions in the moment with the person you wish to be in the future.

Leave no doubt about the person you are today – and the Competitor you’re working every day to become. Leave no doubt that you compete every day for your goals, relationships and life.

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