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Momentum is a funny thing.

We know when we have it. We catch every green light on the way to the gym. The weight feels light and smooth as we workout. Every sales call is ending with a yes. We have momentum.

We also know when we lack it. We hit every red light when we’re already behind schedule. We knock on 100 doors without a sale. Our legs even feel as if we’re running in mud on a simple jog down the street. We need momentum because nothing is going “our way.”

Momentum is the act of being in motion. It can be a game-changer when it comes to your career. Take for instance the professional speaking business.

When you get started, no one knows you. No one is calling you to come speak because no one has heard of you. You start with zero momentum.

So you start making calls. You speak for free, as much as you can. If you’re good enough, someone in your audience likes what you have to say and asks you to come speak at their event.

So you go.

After that event, you pick up the emails of three more people who want you to speak at their company.

The more you speak. The more people who see you. The more opportunities you’ve created to speak at additional places.

Voila! At this point, you have momentum. You’re moving.

Most of us imagine momentum like motivation – we think we need momentum to get going, so most of us just wait around for it.

We leads to us just waiting around… for a very long time because momentum, like motivation, doesn’t magically appear.

We build it, one small step at a time in the same direction.

When you start anything on Day One, you don’t have momentum. You must create it with action, like for instance, going to the gym.

It’s not immediate, but you get into the habit of showing up to the gym every Monday-Friday before work? Voila! Suddenly 3-4 months down the road, you have to go workout every day before work. You’ve got the momentum because you:

  • Took action on Day One
  • Were consistent repeating the action each day
  • Stuck with it, even when you weren’t motivated.

That’s how you build momentum. You start. You let the teeny, tiny bit of momentum that’s created by movement forward build by being consistent in said action.

You can’t do something every now and then and have momentum.

You’ve got to do it daily.

Sales calls. Working out. Writing. Meditating. You name it. You get an unstoppable force of momentum behind you by starting the work when you have none. You stay consistent with it, day after day, and eventually, you’ll find you’ve got momentum.

Get started today. Be consistent. Let it build. I’m cheering for you.

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