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How to Build a Mindset for Anything Life Throws at You

Competitor Mental Toughness

Life will inevitably throw you a curveball.

(Or drop a boulder on you like Looney Tunes’ Wile E. Coyote.)

We can work our hardest, plan our best, and prepare to avoid adversity at all costs and it will still hit you. Try as we may, facing obstacles is a mandatory part of life.

However, our response to adversity is completely up to us. It takes a mentally tough individual to be able to withstand the punches from life, reset mentally, and then intentionally focus on what they need to do next.

Want to handle all that life throws at you like it’s NO BIG DEAL? 

The GOOD NEWS is, you can.⁣

The GOOD NEWS is, it’s not something you’re “just born with” but something you build.⁣

THE (not so) GOOD NEWS is that it’s built over time – not overnight.⁣

It’s in these difficult moments that our mental strength is built and internal toughness is forged. Our choices in the midst of a challenge help choose our fate for the years after the challenge.

It’s not something some people are born with and others will lack their entire life. It’s something that is forged, choice by choice on the good days and the bad. Your mental toughness is something that will be built stronger or eroded down by every choice you make.

Here are 5 Ways to build your mental strength for anything life tries to throw at you:⁣


Start with your most challenging work first thing in the morning when your brain is fresh, your energy levels high, and the opportunities to procrastinate are most available. Challenge yourself to build your momentum by taking on the difficult work first.⁣


Have a clear picture of what you’re trying to achieve and where you’re trying to go. “Lose weight” isn’t a good target. Does that mean 1 pound or 100? “Drop 10 pounds” or “fit into those jeans from college” is a specific target. Be clear about where you desire to go so you know exactly what process you need to create to arrive there.


No one wins alone. Have your friend/spouse/team hold you accountable to doing the work necessary to reach your goals. Every day is a chance to LAY BRICKS on the foundation of who you want to become – your accountability is what helps make sure you’re building daily.⁣


A lot of people turn into an ostrich when trouble strikes – as if sticking your head in the sand will cause it to go away. Be a GIANT-SLAYER charging head-first into battle with your problems. The best way out? THROUGH. ⁣


Become your own best source of encouragement – one opportunity at a time. Catch any negative talk mid-sentence and redirect it to a positive one. Remove the words “I can’t” and start adding “yet” to the end of sentences when discussing the things you’re working to one day achieve. ⁣

You can handle anything life throws at you and still make progress. You can be a Competitor.

You just need to make the choice to be one today – and every day after.

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