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Overcome Your Mental Blocks

Never let the hard days win

Have you ever fallen short of taking action toward the goals you tell others you want to reach?

I have.

I’ve shared a few times that it took me YEARS to finally get my first book going despite countless outlines of the book, conversations about the book, and plans of it being done “one day.”

In her TEDx Talk,  Amanda Crowell points out 3 mental blocks that can keep us from reaching our goals – and steps to overcome them. Do any sound familiar to you?

1. “I just don’t think I can do this.”

What does success look like to you? This mental block presents a great opportunity to practice your visualization skills. Ask yourself – what my specific success will look / feel / taste / smell / BE like? See it clear as day in your mind and then write it down.

Visualize yourself doing it as a way to break through the mental block of thinking you can’t.

2. “People like me aren’t good at this.”

Find others who are doing what you want to do and learn from them. (Trust me, they’re out there). There are people with similar skills as you doing the things you want to be doing – because they took action instead of believing that mental block was right.

Introvert and scared of speaking in front of people? There are keynote speakers like this currently killing it on stages.

“Not athletic enough” to compete in a triathlon? Try again. There are people who have chosen to be athletes who are competing in triathlons all over the world this weekend.

Find the others – online or offline – doing what you want to do and learn how they did so you can replicate.

3. “I feel like I have to do this thing, but I don’t really want to.”

Be honest with yourself if this is your dream or someone else’s. And if it’s yours, find you’re WHY and focus on it.

Your biggest fan or enemy can live between your ears. Make sure they’re cheering you toward your full potential instead of preventing you from reaching it.

We only get one life. Break through the mental barriers who try to derail your plans for it and choose to compete instead.

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