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How to Cultivate Your Winning Mindset for Work & Life

October 15, 2019 No Comments

The road to success is a long one. Successful people continually understand that the starting point to any victory is in their mind. I’m not promoting the theory that “if you believe it’ll happen, it’ll happen” because that’s a false reality painted on society. I am promoting that to win you need to build a winning mindset for the road it’ll take to get that win. This mindset is what allows leaders the ability to rebound from…

S3E56: Dennys Lozada, Been There, Going Back to Make a Difference

October 9, 2019 No Comments

Sometimes you need to refocus to follow your true calling. That’s at the heart of the message from this week’s guest, Nike Master Trainer, athlete, and personal coach Dennys Lozada. After spending years working 9-5 jobs in the corporate world, Lozada gave up stability to return to his athletic roots and pursue his true passion as a personal trainer. It took starting over at a local gym. From there, he worked his way up through multiple…

S3E55: Cody Royle, Thinking Outside the Box

October 2, 2019 No Comments

Discovering your own competitive advantage is at the heart of this week’s conversation with author and podcaster Cody Royle. His book, Where Others Won’t: Taking People Innovation from the Locker Room into the Boardroom, delves deep into lessons from teams around the world on leadership theory, group dynamics, and talent optimization. This week, he shares what he’s learned about what both individuals and teams can do to find their niche. Royle says the big takeaway former…

S3E54: David Cuthbert, Wine to Water

September 25, 2019 No Comments

Life has been a series of transitions for David Cuthbert. He played collegiate soccer at the Naval Academy, then went on to join Naval special operations as an explosive ordnance officer, then began a tech startup, and now works in the nonprofit world as the CEO of Wine To Water, which provides clean drinking water to places in need around the world. Throughout his journey, he’s learned to understand his experiences universally, so he can bring…

S3E53: Dr. Julie Bell, Mind of a Champion

September 18, 2019 No Comments

As a sports psychologist, Dr. Julie Bell is focused on relationships. It’s through the coaching relationship she builds with athletes, entrepreneurs, mothers, and many others that she can tailor her approach to each specific person, and that people can find support through their various endeavors and changes in life. However, despite the differences, the common thread that often runs through these challenges is the need for a mindset shift. After all, while it can be easier…

How a Change Could Do You Good

September 17, 2019 No Comments

“AHHHHHH! I HATE bar muscle-ups!” How many of you active in CrossFit heard that during an Open workout the past few years? Someone screaming or upset because they didn’t get a bar muscle-up during one workout. It didn’t matter than a year ago they had just learned how to do a chest-to-bar pull-up, or maybe their first ever strict pull-up without a band. It didn’t matter that it was the most reps at 95/65# snatch they’d…

S3E52: Life Ain’t Fantasy Football

September 11, 2019 No Comments

Are you making the mistake that most people do of believing that their success in life will mirror their success in fantasy football? I love playing the game – but in reality, it’s just a game where all of my successes sit in the hands of someone else. Who I don’t personally know. Who I have zero control over. And who isn’t playing any better or worse because of me. Competitors don’t leave their fates in…

“But You Can’t” Doesn’t Matter

September 10, 2019 No Comments

But I’m not a pro athlete… But I’m not a celebrity or big influencer… But I don’t have some wild inspirational background story… But but but… Those are the excuses I tried using when I started my speaking career years ago. I struggled looking at other leadership & motivational speakers’ stories and comparing it to my own. I was guilty of telling myself I wanted to share the Compete Every Day message from more stages and…

S3E51: Keith Mitchell, A Former NFL LB on Mindful Meditation

September 4, 2019 No Comments

It took just seconds for Keith Mitchell’s life to turn completely upside down. A spinal injury put the former NFL player in the hospital, where he was told he may never walk again. There, a nurse asked him a profound question. She asked if he knew what happens when a person breathes. So began his journey toward mindfulness. Now, years later, Mitchell is an accomplished yoga practitioner and influencer who works with adults and kids alike…

Overcome Your Mental Blocks

September 3, 2019 No Comments

Have you ever fallen short of taking action toward the goals you tell others you want to reach? I have. I’ve shared a few times that it took me YEARS to finally get my first book going despite countless outlines of the book, conversations about the book, and plans of it being done “one day.” In her TEDx Talk,  Amanda Crowell points out 3 mental blocks that can keep us from reaching our goals – and steps…

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