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S3E46: Laurie Christine King

July 31, 2019 No Comments

One of the hardest challenges you may have to face is your own environment. Whether it’s the people in your inner circles or the space you’re living in or your job, it’s nearly impossible to outperform that which surrounds you every day. That’s why refining your space and time to make it reflect your goals is key to achieving success. That’s just one of the tips from this week’s guest, personal trainer and nutrition and lifestyle…

S3E45: Who Cares About Your Haters?

July 24, 2019 No Comments

It doesn’t matter how good you are or how great you rise to be, you will always have critics. Some of the best in their profession still had critics – even when their work record was impeccable. Instead of being distracted by what others say and constantly focused on how you can win their approval, invest your time and energy to what matters more: your effort, your actions, & your attitude. Jake busts the myth that…

There Will Always Be Haters

July 21, 2019 No Comments

It doesn’t matter how good you are, there will always be haters. Take for instance Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame voting: 3 people didn’t vote for Ken Griffey Jr 6 didn’t for Nolan Ryan 8 for Cal Ripken Jr 9 for Hank Aaron ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Someone with a pen and a vote decided he’d rather be a hater because of something off-the-field or how an athlete handled an interview than vote one of…

S3E44: Dr. Rob Bell, Forging Mental Toughness

July 17, 2019 No Comments

Your life can change in an instant. It’s what sports psychologist Dr. Rob Bell calls a hinge moment. Hinge moments often come when you’re not expecting them, which is why it’s important to treat every day, every interaction, every conversation, and every person as though they could be that life-changing moment. That way, the hinge can connect when it needs to. It’s one of the skills you can use to build mental toughness and can make…

S3E43: What to Do If 2019 Has Sucked So Far

July 10, 2019 No Comments

This is your 2019 HALFWAY CHECKPOINT! ✅⁣⁣⁣⁣There are 6 months left until 2020.⁣⁣ It’s a perfect time look back at the progress you’ve made/didn’t, adjust your daily process to fit your plan for the next 6 months, and then hit the ground running⁣⁣Just like in sports, if 2019 is going GREAT or TERRIBLE, the final score is determined in the second half.⁣⁣Listen to this new episode on the 3 things you can do to finish the…

S3E42: Sarah Milby, How to Perform at Your Best in Your Career

July 3, 2019 No Comments

The world is changing at a fast pace. In order to keep up and stay competitive, it’s important to develop and foster a growth mindset so you don’t get stuck in a fixed position, unable to keep up. Staying curious, passionate, and committed will help you remain at the forefront of that change, says this week’s guest, Valor Performance Founder and CEO Sarah Milby. Milby has a background in athletics, business, and government and has committed…

S3E41: Brian Levenson, Train Your Brain to Win Today

June 26, 2019 No Comments

Polarity exists in this world; it’s not black and white. Because of that, having an adaptable mindset and practicing useful self talk may prime you better for success than being focused solely on positivity. That’s one of the messages from this week’s guest, fellow host, mentor, and personal coach Brian Levenson, of the Intentional Performers podcast. Levenson has spoken and worked with many leaders, executives, athletes, and more and shares tips on creating a practical framework…

S3E40: Failures. Setbacks. And What Actually Matters Most.

June 19, 2019 No Comments

It’s easy to get caught up in the failure. We tend to distract ourselves from what’s more important by replaying what happened then. Everyone experiences setbacks – but the mistake 99% of the people you know make is that they get stuck playing the “what if” game with their setback and carrying around the emotional baggage like it’s travel luggage. Discover what Competitors do differently when experiencing a setback – and what matters even more than the…

Stop Complaining About Your Situation

June 13, 2019 No Comments

Hey Competitor, I know you’re upset about how life has thrown you curveballs lately and it just seems like nothing is going your way. I know how frustrating it can be when you work hard every week and get passed up for that promotion. I remember the feeling of busting my butt in the gym and still falling short of hitting certain marks I assumed I’d be well past by now. And I know very well…

S3E39: Cindra Kamphoff, Mentally Strong for Life

June 12, 2019 No Comments

Grit is just one of the many pieces of the success puzzle. But although it’s one of many, it’s a great starting place for thinking about what it truly takes to be on top of your game or field as an athlete or entrepreneur. That’s one of the key messages from this week’s guest, author and sports psychologist Dr. Cindra Kamphoff. She traces her current path back to when she ran the Boston Marathon in 2013…

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