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A Competitor Embraces Personal Responsibility

“It’s not my job, let someone else do it.”

Nothing irritates me more than seeing abandoned shopping carts littered across a parking lot. I counted ten total between my two stops in a retail center today.

The sign of carts left scattered in the wild screams “ENTITLEMENT.” More than anything it shows a lack of personal responsibility by immature adults.

You see the same type of behavior when people:

  • Refuse to rack their weights in the gym
  • Piss all over the toilet seat and then not clean it up
  • Toss litter out of their car window on the highway

It’s all just an attempt to pass the buck to someone else. The attitude of “it’s not my responsibility, let someone else deal with it” isn’t the attitude of a leader.

Or anyone of success for that matter.

People bitch about the government even though they haven’t voted in a decade. Those same people complain they’re getting passed over for a promotion at work even though they barely put forth the effort to enhance their career skills.

And those same people are the ones likely to moan that they aren’t as fit as that other person in the gym, even though they’re eating junk food daily while working once a week – and that other person is following a meal-eating plan daily & training multiple times a week.

It’s always “someone else’s fault” that some people aren’t receiving the successes they believe they’re owed instead taking responsibility for their own actions that have put them in that losing position in the first place.

  • Tired of being in debt? Quit spending frivolously and make a plan to earn more and spend less that you can follow daily
  • Tired of sucking at a certain movement in the gym? Hire a coach to help you work on that specific movement and complementary accessory work
  • Tired of going to a job you abhor? Invest 30 minutes every morning before work or every night after work to learn new skills you can use to transfer positions or companies.

You can’t embrace a martyr’s mindset and a Competitor’s Mindset simultaneously – you have to choose one or the other.

You get to choose to be the hero or the victim, but never both. And if you’re choosing to be a Competitor, then it’s your responsibility to save yourself instead of waiting for someone else to save you.

It’s also a Competitor’s responsibility as a leader to take responsibility for their team.

Have teammates that fail to show up consistently to summer workouts? It’s your job as a leader to get them there or make sure their replacements are.

Have a coworker that fails to take their work seriously? It’s your responsibility as a leader to influence them to take a better approach to work.

Take More Responsibility

You can’t be a Competitor if you’re going to shirk responsibility to someone else. The three things we always control are:

  • Our focus
  • Our attitude
  • Our actions

So it’s 100% on us if we choose to pass the blame to someone else or take responsibility for what our actions are. It’s also 100% on us if we’re going to choose to lead others by showing them how to take responsibility.

Oh, and if you hate returning your shopping cart, then:

  • Shop on Amazon and have everything delivered to your house
  • Park next to the return corral so it’s right there
  • Don’t use a cart

But leaving it there or making bullshit excuses about why you can’t return it isn’t being a Competitor. It’s leaving your mess for someone else.

And Competitors do better.

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