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Quit Making the One Mistake that Most People MAke

Compete Every Day run stairs Stronger tanktop

You don’t need to have everything figured out to start.

Hell, you don’t even have to have half of things figured out to start.

Or feel ready, or motivated, or confident.

You don’t need to feel any of those things to get started. You just have to stop doing nothing like my friend Patrick says.

Back when I started Compete Every Day, I didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into. I had a brand message. I had enough confidence – actually, it was arrogance – to believe I would succeed and figure it out. 

But I had no idea how to run an e-commerce company.

I didn’t know anything about printing t-shirts.

I didn’t fully grasp the importance of visuals.

And I didn’t know how to get from the two boxes of shirts & tanks in the trunk of my car to my original dream of being an international brand like Nike or Under Armour.

I just knew I had two boxes of clothes in the trunk of my car that I needed to sell to make money back and more importantly, I had a message that I 100% believed could change people’s lives if I could share it with them effectively.

So I just started it.

I mean, look how amateur and ugly my first-ever booth was in 2012.

Compete Every Day booth (2012)

It wasn’t my best work. From the shirt designs to booth layout, it was thrown together.

It was the best I knew at that time.

But you know what? I left that event and changed the look before the next event.

I learned something at that next event and changed it again.

I only learned how to improve the product, brand message, and your experience by trying things.

By putting stuff out there that wasn’t perfect, so that I could learn how to make it better. 

(Like this picture from 2016).

Compete Every Day 2016 Booth (Dallas, TX)

So….what are you waiting for?

There’s no point in waiting until you’re in “perfect shape” or know every movement flawlessly to go to a new gym, try a different workout style, or pick up a new sport. You have to get in there, get your hands dirty, and just work on getting better.

My friend JA at Bedlam CrossFit in San Antonio always would rebuke my “I’m not in CrossFit shape anymore” comment pre-workout with, “I don’t want you coming to my gym in great shape. I just want you coming in the door and we can work with anything if you have a good attitude and want to get better.”

There’s no point in waiting for a perfect time to start your side hustle. It’ll never be as perfect as you want, and the more time you waste waiting, the more opportunities you miss out on.

There’s no point waiting until you’re a master – because you honestly don’t become a “master” at something until you’ve put yourself out there as an amateur, failed, improved, failed again, improved more, failed again, improved again… do you understand how the process works?

You start.

You build your growth mindset by focusing on progress instead of perfection.

You improve every attempt. You intentionally work to get reps in every single day. You eventually look up and realize you’ve got pretty damn good at the thing you used to suck at.

  • Public speaking & presentations.
  • 1-on-1 Coaching.
  • Olympic lifting.
  • Training sales teams.
  • Marketing your business or yourself.
  • Networking

No one starts out perfect at anything.

The ones who “look perfect” are simply the ones who got out there and got their ugly reps out of the way as fast as possible.

You don’t need more motivation.

You don’t need to read another book or listen to another podcast to “get ready.”

Hell, you don’t even have to feel ready, know what next year looks like, or even what you’d have to do in August in order to get started.

You just have to start.

This is me challenging you to start. 

Today marks the start of the second half of 2020. Don’t waste another day telling yourself that next month, next year, or next decade will be a better time to start.

Make 2020 the year that you look back on and despite the pandemic or challenges you faced, was the year that you got started achieving that which you really want.

Win your week Competitor, I’m cheering for you.

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