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Episode 11: Robert McDaniel, Certified Spartan Coach

February 7, 2017 No Comments

Episode 11: Robert McDaniel, Certified Spartan Coach

February 7, 2017 No Comments

Age is a Number, Not a Limit

I’m joined this week by Robert McDaniel, a certified Spartan training coach. Bob isn’t your ordinary Spartan racer. He didn’t actually start running until his 40s.

Bob has finished multiple events in first place in his division, and now trains a number of inspiring Spartan racers in the DFW. Bob’s journey is incredible. He shares that in just one year he ran 15 marathons. That’s with hardly any history of running throughout his life.

You’ll hear how Bob found Spartan racing and committed to the race, who inspires him to quit complaining, and how dedicated he is to training his clients and helping them overcome their fears.

Bob’s Journey

  • 2:30 Going from no running to completing 3 marathons in 1 year
  • 5:30 Doing his first obstacle race at age 64 and getting hooked
  • 9:10 Creating his coaching business and motivating clients

Bob Getting Motivated

  • 13:30 Getting clients off the couch and experiencing the reward of coaching
  • 17:00 Watching the Spartan races to see people who were doing it for personal reasons
  • 18:15 Racing the beast with rough terrain and overcoming these obstacles

Competitive Insights

  • 12:50 Competitive fire is an energy. It gets you in the zone and moving forward.
  • 15:20 When you see other people racing in worse shape than you are, you can’t complain.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“It’s almost like I’m loyal to Spartan. Everything to me is Spartan related.”

“I know she can do this. I’m passionate now to get her off the couch. This is my goal.”

“The mindset is everything. If you don’t have a good thought going into it, you try to get rid of those negative thoughts.”


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