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Is Your Screen Time Taking Away from Your Skill Time?

Screen Time

Where you spend your time tells the story of what’s most important to you.

For a lot of us, we’re spending more time on our screens than in our work. We keep choosing time on our phones over building our skills.

I get it. Screentime makes us feel great. We love the likes. There’s nothing better than new comments or notifications of a new follow.

We can scroll our feed for hours, just motivated by the motivational quotes we see or new pictures that keep posting. We feel like we can crush our goals…

.. but then we fail to do anything except scroll. That’s the danger you run into when your screen time is greater than your work time. You fill your brain with what feels good for right now, but leave yourself empty-handed for what would feel better in the long-run.

You get a workout in for your thumb but fail to get any results that you say you actually want.

The more time you spend on your phone, the less time you have available to pursue your goals. The likes & comments on social media feel great, but they aren’t moving the needle in what actually matters to our career or life.

We’ve got to put our phones down more so we can put ourselves to work more.

  • Pick up that pen & start writing.
  • Pick up that barbell & start working out.
  • Pick up that phone (for calls) & start making sales calls.

You don’t need to see the newest post to have “enough motivation” to do the work – you just need to do the work. We can create a limitless amount of excuses about why we need “just one more minute” but really it’s just our excuse to procrastinate from doing the actual work because the real work is done without the phone in our hands.

Turn off your notifications. Close your apps. Get the phone out of your hand so you can start growing your skills, your sales, or your life.

It’s much harder to build your mindset, skillset, & network if you’re investing hours into scrolling your feed.

If your screen time is greater than your work time, quit looking for your goals. They won’t be there.

Lower your phone and raise your game.

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