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Is your company equipped to succeed not only this year, but for the next 5-10 years?

Success in today’s rapidly changing corporate landscape depends more on your soft skills than your hard skills. Are your employees equipped with the mindset to continually show up and strive for more?

Or are they sleepwalking through their workday?

According to LinkedIn, 92% of talent professionals say that soft skills matter more than hard skills when they hire – and are increasingly important to the company’s success.

Grit. Growth mindset. Accountability. Leadership. These are the soft skills that transform careers and companies today and into the future.

Learn how to empower leaders in your organization to grow and equip them with the Winning Mindset that turn them into elite performers.

Release a fire within your team by booking Jake to teach them how they can cultivate a WINNING mindset in their work and life.

Jake will deliver an incredibly impactful keynote speech that is specifically designed to transform your team into Competitors who make bigger impacts.

By the end of work together, none of your team players will be comfortable just sitting on the bench. Enjoy consistently outperforming last year with:

  • Increased productivity – because competitors are focused & driven to reach their goals!
  • A winning team of seasoned warriors – because Jake will challenge them to elevate their game!
  • Proactive employees that are invested in the company – because you’ve invested in their individual growth!
  • Boosted company morale – because everyone needs a break from the desk to get motivated and re-energized! 

If you’re ready to transform your employees into powerful performersbook Jake now.

What Others Are Saying About Jake

“What an honor to have Jake Thompson present at our annual GMs retreat for P-Fit DFW. Our team enjoyed hearing his message on Accountability, Action, Passion, and Success – all relevant in any setting from washing dishes to running a Fortune 500 company! His message is relevant regardless of your history, your intent or your business!” – Colby Gregory, P-Fit Development

“Jake was just what the doctor ordered for our annual team meeting this year. His message was clear and energizing! Our team is still Competing Everyday thanks to Jake and his time with us. If you want your team to get the mindset needed to elevate their game, then I would highly recommend having Jake come talk to them. Money well spent!” – Travis Dillon, The Marketing Arm

In short, you have nothing to lose by booking Jake. And everything to win.

Click here to Book Jake

But don't do that.

Benches cleared Tuesday during a baseball game between the Kansas City Royals and Chicago White Sox after Royals pitcher Brad Keller hit White Sox batter Tim Anderson in the ribs in retaliation after Anderson hit a home run and flipped his bat celebrating.

It's an unwritten rule in baseball that you don't overly celebrate a home run. There's apparently a book of these rules that when violated, give the other team "the right" to hit you with a ball (or fist).

This will tick off a number of baseball fans but my belief is that if you don't like someone celebrating a home run, stop throwing them pitches they can hit over the fence.

It's a giant temper tantrum.

Like most of us reading this, I threw my fair share of tantrums as a toddler. Take my toy away? You're going to hear me scream. My tantrums continued as I got older, only instead of screaming for a toy, I might intentionally not invite you to a party or talk to you for a few days.

Immature, I know. But who here hasn't done that at least once during their high school or college career?

My tantrums never solved the problem. If anything, it only made the situation continue or made it worse.

You don't see a quarterback taking a cheap shot at the defensive back who intercepted his bad pass and proceeded to high step down the sideline into the endzone for a touchdown did you?

You don't see a basketball player throwing blows at another player who "broke her ankles" (i.e.: crossed the basketball over to where the defender falls down).

Unwritten baseball rule or not, the beaning of a player for that equates to tantrum being thrown by the pitcher or team that was just "shown up." If you don't like it, then pitch better so it doesn't happen next time.

If you don't like something, do something better about it.

Life doesn't improve for us through tantrums.

I hear countless friends complain about the relationship they're in. It's bad, or maybe it's beyond bad to toxic levels. It's going nowhere. YET THEY STAY IN IT, continuing to complain about the other person and everything they do.

FACT: if you aren't choosing to change it or get out of it, you're choosing to accept it.

Complaining doesn't change a situation, action does.

You may not like how your boss treats you or the culture of your office, but what are you doing to change it? Most of us if we're honest, admit we only complain and try to blow off the steam about our situation at happy hour.

Successful people invest that same time to improve:

Complaining about our work problems don't change them. Our actions do.