Did you play Gameboy growing up?⁣⁣

I did. Every new game I bought I wanted to beat it instantly. I didn’t like dying and have to start over.⁣ Tetris. Batman. You name it, I wanted to be great at playing it from day one. I didn’t believe I had time to work my way up from beginner to advanced to pro.⁣⁣

Unfortunately for me at the time, gaming doesn’t work that way. Neither does life.⁣⁣

We all want to skip from an ugly Level 1 beginning and go straight to being Level 10 success. But we can’t.⁣⁣ We even forget that that’s actually how success works.

Watch this video by YouTube star Sean Cannell. And now watch this one. Sean does a great job of actually sharing his entire journey. He didn’t delete the early videos. He doesn’t try to trick his followers into believing he just “appeared” successful and polished.


He did the work. He knew that the only way to get better at producing videos was to start producing videos. Bad videos! But he couldn’t get to creating great videos until he learned how to by making ones that weren’t so great.

The only way to get to Level 10 is to start at Level 1 and put in consistent intentional reps.⁣⁣

Ugly reps ➡️ bad reps ➡️ ok reps ➡️ good reps ➡️ great reps ? ⁣⁣

To be great at something, you need:⁣⁣

  1. Attention to detail⁣
  2. Intentional consistent practice (reps)⁣
  3. Full effort, every time ⁣

Most people only see your good and great reps and assume it’s a natural gift like talent. They don’t realize all of the work you put into it and how ugly Level 1 was.⁣

Lucky breaks don’t make you better.

Lots and lots and lots of reps do.

Quit wasting time looking for shortcuts and start getting your reps in so you can get better. Every day.