Parents, turn on the tv and show all of your children Jalen Hurts’s highlights tonight.

Then tell them about a star who went 26-2 as a starter and LOST his starting job in the National Championship game to a freshman who won the game and became the talk of the nation.

Tell them about the player who went from star of the nation’s best team to forgotten in a span of two quarters.

Tell them about a player who had the opportunity to transfer after losing his starting job. But unlike SO MANY KIDS THESE DAYS WHEN THEY DON’T GET THEIR WAY, he instead chose to stay and put in the work on becoming a better passer and player.

Tell them about the guy who spent most of the season on the bench, working his tail off in practice, and staying ready should his opportunity ever come again.

And then show them the last 5 minutes of tonight’s SEC title game, when Jalen Hurts steps in for the same starting quarterback who took his job, and with the playoffs on the line, played flawlessly to win the game and SEC title for his team.

Tell them that running from failure doesn’t win in the long run.

Teach them that if you grit your teeth and choose to endure tough times, you become even stronger.

And mark on their heart that grit, hard work, and a positive attitude is what defines a Champion.

Tell them about Jalen Hurts. Compete Every Day.