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Episode 25: Terrence Wheatley, Dallas Cowboys Academy

May 16, 2017 No Comments

Episode 25: Terrence Wheatley, Dallas Cowboys Academy

May 16, 2017 No Comments

Taking on New Challenges

Today, I’m joined by former NFL cornerback Terrence Wheatley. Terrence works as a Camp Director with the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Cowboys Academy camps.

Terrence knows how easy it is to get our identities wrapped up in our performance. As an NFL player who transitioned out of the league, he has advice for anyone going through a similar transition whether it be having to retire from competition or a chaotic career. Terrance shares his wisdom on moving into a new chapter with us.

In this episode we talk about how Terrence got to where he is today, what he teaches kids at the Dallas Cowboys Academy, and preparing for a transition.

Terrence Wheatley’s Journey

  • 2:40 Leaving the NFL and getting an inspired phone call
  • 3:30 Growing up in the DFW area and going into professional sports
  • 16:00 Being put in a job unlike anything he’d done before

Terrence Getting Motivated

  • 7:30 Teaching kids to ‘think the game’ at the spring and summer camps
  • 10:00 Encouraging kids who’ve been told they can’t be a certain position
  • 11:00 Making ‘Game Day’ as real as possible at camp

Competitive Insights

  • 12:00 Each sport teaches you something different. Trying different sports and different positions as a kid helps show you where you’ll end up.
  • 17:00 When you go from being idolized to something not in the spotlight, you’re just becoming important in a different way.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“If you don’t like it, you’ll never be good at it.”

“Football teaches you so much more. When you go from one team to another, the plays look the same, but it’s an entirely new language.”

“I decided when I retired to take on a new challenge. The sooner you take that leap of faith, the better it is for you.”


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