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Why Taking the Shortcut is Actually the Longer Road

Outwork your talent

The long road is the best way.

Too often we waste valuable time and energy looking for the shortcut.

  • What’s the quick hack (pill or plan) to losing this weight?
  • What’s the fastest route (this new business) to getting rich?
  • What’s the shortest path to being mentally strong?

We’re all about getting there as quickly as possible.

But what if the longer path was actually the better one? 

What if the longer path wasn’t actually longer…it just appears to be when you compare it to supposed shortcuts?

There are no real shortcuts to our goals.

We simply have to do the work.

The better our focus and stronger our consistency, the faster we get there.

The more excuses we make or time we procrastinate, the longer it takes to get there.

The long road – the one of just doing the work – is the best way, because it’s the only way to actually get there.

So get after it today.

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