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V for Victory

V for Victory, Compete Every Day

“V” for Victory.

During World War II, Winston Churchill and the BBC used the “V” for Victory hand-sign to rally their countrymen that victory over Hitler’s evil forces would happen. The “V” sign was originally chosen by the BBC because “V” was the first letter in “Victory” in English, French, and Flemish languages.

England rallied behind the “V,” creating hand-signs, jewelry, posters, pendants, and more in an effort to encourage & inspire each other in the fight against the Nazis.

More than just victory, seeing the “V” meant hope. It meant strength. It meant we shall prevail.⁣

And once again, that call to action of victory is required as we face a global pandemic. I was inspired by Churchill & England’s “Victory” campaign and wanted to create one for Competitors as a way to rally our spirits and support members of the Compete community who were financially impacted by the quarantines & covid-19 closings.

All proceeds after production costs will be distributed directly to members of the Compete Every Day community who were laid off from work due to the quarantine and mandated closings.

All shirts will ship in early May.  ALL SALES FINAL.

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