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What If I’m Not Motivated?

April 17, 2017 No Comments

What If I’m Not Motivated?

April 17, 2017 No Comments
stretching in compete pants

You’re not going to every day.

I wake up, maybe two days per week, “not feeling it.” I’m tired, I lack creative flow, and honestly, just wish I could turn my brain off and not think about work. I don’t always have the motivation to compete. Seriously.

But do you know what I do on days I feel like that?

Force myself to Compete.

We don’t “just feel motivated.” It doesn’t really work like that. True motivation – the lasting kind – is found through action, because action builds motivation which in turn leads to more action.

The days we lack motivation to do something are the days we must absolutely do something. Because in doing something, we discover motivation to do more of something. And then we feel motivated to keep competing.

Writers don’t just magically overcome “writer’s block.” They write – even if they write crap – until they find that spark of inspiration they’re looking for. But that spark is never found by avoiding writing. They must write to find it.

And the same applies to your pursuits. If you really, really want that goal as much as you say you do, then even on the days you don’t “feel it,” you’ll force yourself to do something for it. One step. You may find then, that you’re motivated to take a second and third step.

Before you know it, the day you lacked motivation to do anything becomes the day you had a massive breakthrough and did something incredible.

But you’ll never get there unless you learn to Compete on the days you don’t feel like it.

Jake Thompson

Jake Thompson is a professional speaker and coach who helps ambitious leaders win their work, workouts, and life. As founder of Compete Every Day, he has spent years studying great competitors, and with this research, has created a process that can help leaders harness a Competitor's mindset to make better choices and in turn, make bigger impacts in their careers and personal life.

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