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Work Ethic Eliminates Fear

Michael Jordan work ethic

“I never feared it because I’d put in the work.”

Michael Jordan

Watch this interview with Michael Jordan on the importance of practice.

In a time when people simply want the results without having to do the work, this video’s truths ring strong. Fear is a natural part of the journey to doing something new BUT just because it’s part of the journey initially doesn’t mean it has to stay there.

You eliminate the fear by:

  • Putting yourself through each and every situation during your preparation
  • Preparing with an intensity usually reserved for “gameday,” whatever your “gameday” is
  • Getting rep after rep after rep, long before your opportunity arrives

Competitors don’t simply “show up” and play their best. They prepare relentlessly behind the scenes for weeks (sometimes years) until their moment arrives.

They know that the deeper you dig in practice, the brighter you’ll shine on gameday.

A Competitor knows that the work they put in prior to their opportunity eliminates any fears that arise in the moment under pressure.

Want to silence the fears? Be relentless about competing every day to do the work.

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