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You HAVE To Do This Next

December 5, 2019 No Comments

Bad things in life are inevitable. Some instances are self-inflicted because of our own poor decisions. Other cases involve negative things that are completely outside of our control – yet we still have to face the consequences. In both situations, once the proverbial shit hits the fan, you have only two choices: Replay the situation again and again, wishing it was different Focus on what you control No matter how bad our situation, we always control:…

S3E64: Mental Performance, Endurance Sports, & How Bad Do You Want It with Matt Fitzgerald

December 4, 2019 No Comments

If there’s one thing every athlete understands, it’s that fear can hold you back. When you find yourself avoiding practices or a challenge at work out of fear, make overcoming it your goal. This week, author and endurance athlete Matt Fitzgerald shares his story of developing a growth mindset and using his fear to push him to reach his potential. Fitzgerald says it wasn’t the pressure to succeed that got to him mentally; it was a…

Why Everyone Should Do a Fitness Challenge

November 27, 2019 No Comments

10,000 done.⁣ I just finished a monster 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge from my friend Laura Gassner Otting. I was slightly nervous about this challenge, but have taken the attitude of “bring it on” throughout the last six months when facing challenges. And honestly, I enjoyed the November workouts. Physically it was tough, but mentally is what I found to be the biggest growth opportunity. Gyms, online communities, and coaches create groups challenges throughout the year, but…

S3E63: Paige Tonz, Teaching What I Wish I’d Known Then

November 27, 2019 No Comments

Am I good enough? Do I have enough experience to succeed? Do I deserve this opportunity? Are others better than me? These are the nagging questions that follow imposter syndrome — or a feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt even after success. This week, mental performance coach Paige Tonz talks about overcoming imposter syndrome and coming into confidence and success both on the field and off. In her work, Tonz helps girls discover their inner motivation at…

S3E62: Tyler Johnson, Elevate Your Mindset

November 20, 2019 No Comments

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. You might have a bad play or a bad day at work. It’s important to learn how to readjust and refocus when things don’t go the way you wanted them to. It’s also crucial to reevaluate the routines you have every once in a while and make sure they’re still working for you. Maybe you need to mix things up to get the most out of your day. This week, Tyler Johnson…

S3E61: Don’t Get Sunk Quite Yet

November 13, 2019 No Comments

Think about the last bad movie you saw or bad book you read. Chances are, you probably didn’t walk out of the theater or stop turning the pages. Research has shown people are more likely to keep doing something they don’t enjoy in order to justify the investment of time and money they’ve already poured into it. That’s called the sunk cost mindset. This week Jake shares how we can quit the bad cycles, get out…

S3E60: Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman

November 6, 2019 No Comments

If there’s one thing Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman is no stranger to, it’s transitions. He’s been a wrestler, a professional UFC fighter, and a Spanish teacher and is now a published author, motivational speaker, and podcaster. Throughout his life, he’s found ways of putting his strengths to good use across many platforms, enabling him to transition from one path to another while carrying his best characteristics with him the whole way. This week, Brenneman shares tips…

S3E59: Make Adjustments, Not Excuses

October 30, 2019 No Comments

It doesn’t matter if your year began great or got off to a poor start. What matters is how you end it. This week, host Jake Thompson talks about the importance of making halftime adjustments — tweaks to your behavior, habits, and mental space to help you finish strong and start off next year where you want to be. You have to build a winning mindset and to do that, it’s important to stop making excuses….

S3E58: Joe Ferraro, 1% Better Every Day

October 23, 2019 No Comments

Podcaster and teacher Joe Ferraro strives to become a little bit wiser and a little bit better each and every day. This week, he shares tips on seeing the big picture and working diligently and consistently to reach your goals. It comes down to intentionality, transparency, and commitment. As a teacher, Ferraro only gets 40 minutes a day with his kids. It’s important to him to make each of those 40 minutes count. Part of teaching…

S3E57: Hannah Huesman, Philadelphia Phillies Mental Performance Coach

October 16, 2019 No Comments

If there’s one message Hannah Huesman wants to share, it’s how important it is to be proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to building mental skills and health. Huesman is the mental performance coach for the Philadelphia Phillies and on this week’s show, she shares tips for gaining self-awareness and not getting negatively stuck in your own head. Humans have inherent negative bias when it comes to self-evaluation, Huesman says. That means, we have a…

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