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Build Your Winning Mindset

Doing Something > Nothing

You don't need the ability to do everything when you start. You don't need to be at the same level as so-in-so when you try to start. You just need…

Winners Ain’t Waiting

Action is the one thing that determines whether what we say that we want is actually what we want. For most people, this is where we determine that they don't actually want the goals…

Busy Doesn’t Make Us Better

Busy. We're always busy. Our to-do list is never ending. Our schedule is never slowing down. We've got a number of things we'd love to do "when we're not as busy."…

Actionable Tips to Achieve a Powerful Life

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But What Do You Control?

You don't control today's weather. You can't control the commute to work or the lag time on a Zoom call. You don't control if your spouse or friend is in…

The Work Weeds Out the Weak

There's a reason that not many people reach their goals or build a level of success worth admiring. It requires work. Serious work. Take for instance, succeeding at sales. You must…

How Winners Work Their Craft

I share a story about Kevin Hart a lot because I used to believe that comics were just naturally funny people. If you were funny, you just got on stage, grabbed the…

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