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Sharpen Your Focus

You’ll Never Get This Back

No one is going to live forever. When it sinks in, it can be one of the scariest sentences you ever hear – or one of the...

Sharpen Your Focus

This Thing Helps Determine Your Motivation

Distractions constantly call to us. “Priorities,” products, & people constantly clamor for our attention. Our focus is...

Pursue Greatness

Hard Work vs. Competition

If you haven’t seen the above video by Duke women’s basketball coach Kara Lawson, you’re in for a treat. In it, Coach...

Pursue Greatness

Motivation vs. Mission – What’s the Difference?

I know you don’t actually believe you can do everything without motivation. Motivational speaker (and upcoming podcast guest) Ben...

Build Your Grit


You must be willing to make friends with boredom if you want to be great. So what happens when the excitement and fun fades? Do you stick...


Why Feeling Motivated is Overrated

Motivation is great to have, but relying on it is like trying to predict the weather in Texas. You simply can’t. So why do so many...

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