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Build Your Winning Mindset

Greatness is a Choice

It's not one that most people make either. Most people settle for what happens. They do just enough to get by. They stay just long enough to get a promotion…

Little Moves Create Big Wins

It’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference. Those reps you didn’t cheat yourself short during a workout just to score a better time. That handwritten thank-you card…

“Being Positive” Won’t Help You

Competitors are optimistic. Now, this is commonly confused as always being cheery and positive. I'm not always cheery & positive - but I'll always be optimistic. Positivity is always saying…

Actionable Tips to Achieve a Powerful Life

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What’s the Other Perspective?

Why is this happening to me? I would imagine that's your first thought - like it is mine - when something bad happens. It's almost instinctive for us when something…

What’s in Motion?

You don't have to get hit in the head with apple for your own "aha" moment that changes your trajectory. Sir Isaac Newton famously worked on the Laws of Motion…

Doing Something > Nothing

You don't need the ability to do everything when you start. You don't need to be at the same level as so-in-so when you try to start. You just need…

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