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Build Your Winning Mindset

Flexing a Gratitude Muscle

It's the month of Thanksgiving! I never really thought about gratitude being a muscle like my hamstrings or biceps, but it is. Similar to our mental toughness - if we…

Rack Your Damn Weights

Nothing irritates me more than seeing a lone shopping cart in the parking lot, left behind by someone who wasn't willing to rack it in the nearby stalls. Same goes…

Do This to Stay Locked In

You can't succeed unless you stay present. An athlete can't hope to make this current play if they're fixated on what they'll do after the game or replaying the bucket…

Actionable Tips to Achieve a Powerful Life

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Easy Won’t Make You Proud

The road isn't easy.  Difficult is the calling card of a road to something better. Difficult choices between the comfort of what is and the courage to find out what…

No One Plans to Lose

No one goes into the game planning to lose it. Everyone has the expectation they're going to win. But not everyone chooses to win. You choose to lose your opportunities when you fail…

What Do You Want More?

You'll have a hard time making a play on the field if you're paying attention to who is yelling from the stands. I get it. It's fun to get attention. It feels…

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